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We help make technology solutions that stand the test of time, with resources you already have.

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We integrate open source software into finished solutions.
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We use the same standards as some of the biggest names in tech.

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A good interface is one you learn quickly, and soon forget about, as you focus on the actual work.

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We can craft your requests.

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Safe defaults, human comprehensible.

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Have an idea? The first step is a plan.

Power to the people​

Key to wealth, power, and control is widely distributed ownership over renting.

What Our Clients Say

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The piedesktop simplified our office. it put all the knowledge, and communication in one place, and I know it’s a safe place.

Margaret Curtis​

We have saved so much time in our day to day workflow. automated workflows is a real quality of life improvement for our sales team.

Matthew Fox​

We saved over a million dollars in software licensing costs alone. We measured time savings is over one hour per day per team member.

John Dewar

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These pictures of human achievement remind us we are capable of so much more, and make our website look better. Would you rather look at pictures of software, or skyscrapers?

A Great Mega Project

High Tower Building

Skyscraper Project

Big Company Headquarter

National Museum

Skyscraper Tower

Our Expert Team

Our team of builders, creators, and visionaries.

Juan George​

Vice President

Sean Hart

Project Leader

Emma Kelly

Creative Director